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Restore your wrist function with Wrist Drop Management

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Wrist drop caused by radial palsy can be a debilitating condition that affects the function of the hand. Dr. Arun Jeedi at Recon Plastic Surgery Centre in Hubli offers a variety of treatments to correct wrist drop and improve the function of the affected arm. Book an appointment today!


What is radial palsy?

Radial palsy is a condition that results in paralysis of the radial nerve. This nerve controls the muscles in your arm, wrist, and hand. Radial palsy can cause weakness or paralysis in these areas.

Symptoms of radial palsy

Symptoms of radial palsy may include:

Causes of radial palsy

Pressure injuries incurred from uncomfortable body postures for lengthy periods, such as when working or sleeping, can lead to radial nerve palsy. Bruises that apply pressure to the radial nerve, as well as tumors and cysts, can also cause radial nerve palsy. Devices like tight watches pressing on the wrist or crutches applying pressure under the arm can also lead to radial nerve palsy.

Radial nerve palsy can also be caused by fractures, dislocations, and cuts on the wrist or arm that damage or sever the radial nerve. Infection or inflammation might also cause radial nerve palsy in very rare cases.

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Who is the right candidate for wrist drop management?

The right candidate for wrist drop management is any individual who has radial palsy and would like to improve the function and appearance of his or her affected arm. He or she should be in good general health and free of any other medical disorders that would complicate treatment.

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What to expect at the consultation for wrist drop management?

At the consultation for wrist drop management at Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, Hubli, Dr. Arun Jeedi , will evaluate the patient’s medical history and current condition.He will also examine the affected arm and wrist. Dr. Arun may order tests, such as X-rays, MRI scans, or nerve conduction studies, to further assess the extent of the radial palsy.

After the tests, Dr. Arun will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

How is Wrist Drop Management performed?

The surgical technique for treating wrist drop caused by radial nerve palsy is determined on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the location, type, and duration of nerve damage. The objective of the surgery is to restore function in the afflicted region.

If Dr. Arun determines that the nerve is repairable, surgical treatment may consist of:

Nerve decompression

Nerve decompression surgery involves freeing the nerve from any surrounding structures that are pressing on it and causing compression. This may be done by surgically removing a portion of bone, ligament, or scar tissue.

Nerve grafting

Nerve grafting is a surgical procedure in which a healthy nerve is transplanted to the site of a damaged nerve. This healthy nerve will then provide the damaged nerve with the necessary support to grow and regenerate.

Nerve repair

Nerve repair surgery will be performed if the radial nerve has been damaged or severed. It involves directly sewing the two ends of a severed nerve together. This type of surgery is only possible if the nerve has been cut cleanly and there is no damage to the surrounding tissue.

Tendon Transfer

If Dr. Arun determines that the nerve cannot be repaired, he may recommend tendon transfer to treat the wrist drop.

During tendon transfer for wrist management, tendons from other parts of the arm will be transferred to the affected area. The attached tendon will then perform the functions that were lost due to radial palsy. The patient does not lose function in the donor area from which the tendon was taken.

Recovery & post-operative care for Wrist Drop Management

After the wrist drop management surgery, Dr. Arun Jeedi will place the arm in a splint or cast to protect the area as it heals. The patient will be asked to keep the arm elevated as much as possible to reduce swelling.

The recovery period after treatment will depend on the extent of the damage. Dr. Arun will also prescribe pain medication to help manage any discomfort that the patient may experience.

It can take weeks or months for the damaged radial nerve to fully heal and for functionality to be completely restored after treatment. If any physical therapy is needed after the surgery, the time and extent of it will be discussed by Dr. Arun . It is important to follow all of the instructions given by Dr. Arun to ensure a successful recovery.


What are the benefits of Wrist Drop Management?

Wrist drop management can improve the function of the arm for patients with radial palsy. It can help to correct wrist drop and restore some level of sensation and movement in the affected area.

What is the cost of Wrist Drop Management?

The cost of wrist drop management will be determined by Dr. Arun Jeedi during the patient’s OPD consultation after he evaluates the patient’s unique circumstances, understands the patient’s goals and desires, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment.

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What are the risks associated with Wrist Drop Management?

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with wrist drop management. These risks include infection, bleeding, and nerve damage. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Arun Jeedi has many years of experience with wrist drop management and will be able to safely and effectively treat any complications if they occur.


Restore The Functionality Of Your Wrist With Wrist Drop Management At Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, Hubli

If you have any queries about wrist drop management or any other procedure, we invite you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Arun Jeedi at Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, where he will thoroughly answer all of your questions.

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