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Create or Remove Beauty Spot (Mole)

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There’s something about beauty spots that make them irresistible. While many individuals desire a mole on their face, others dislike them or find them uncomfortable and choose to have them removed. At Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, Hubli, Dr. Arun Jeedi can create a bespoke beauty spot for you or remove an existing one. Book an appointment today!


What are Moles?

Moles (beauty spots) are clusters of pigment cells called melanocytes that can appear anywhere on the body such as on hands, neck, inner arms, or thighs. Moles can be flat or raised and look brown or black.

A beauty spot on a particular place on anyone’s face makes them look attractive. Even some famous celebrities have very appealing beauty spots on their faces.

While many people wish to have a mole on their faces, others find them unattractive or causing discomfort and want to get rid of them. At Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, Hubli, Dr. Arun Jeedi can help you with either option. He can create a natural-looking beauty spot or remove an existing one, depending on your preference.

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What to expect at the consultation for Beauty Spot Creation Or Removal?

At the consultation, Dr. Arun will discuss your goals and expectations.He will also assess your skin type and discuss any pre-existing skin conditions or health conditions that affect your skin to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and suggest the best treatment plan for you.He will also explain the procedure in detail including anticipated results, potential risks, and complications. If you have any questions, Dr. Arun will be happy to answer them.


Beauty Spot Creation

Who is an ideal candidate for Beauty Spot Creation procedures?

A candidate for this procedure should have healthy skin and be free of any skin conditions or diseases.

What are the benefits of Beauty Spot Creation procedures?

A well-placed mole can add a unique feature to your face and make you look more attractive.


Micropigmentation (also known as permanent makeup) is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses special needles and pigments to add color to the skin and create a permanent beauty spot.

What is the procedure for Beauty Spot Creation Via Micropigmentation?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia using a hand-held device that contains needles. The needles puncture the skin and deposit pigment into the dermis (the middle layer of skin). The number of needles and the depth of penetration will depend on the size, color, and location of the mole as decided during the consultation.

Recovery & post-operative care for Beauty Spot Creation Via Micropigmentation

The recovery process for beauty spot creation via micropigmentation procedure is pretty unencumbered and simple. The patient will be able to go immediately and rest at home. One may feel slight pain at the newly created spot site. Ice packs should assist in reducing the discomfort. The color of the spot will appear darker for the first three to four days, but it will eventually settle into the desired tone. After the procedure, most patients are back to their usual routine in a day or two.

What are the risks and complications associated with Beauty Spot Creation Via Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a safe and non-invasive procedure with a few negative effects or complications. On rare occasions, one may get allergic reactions to the pigment or the skin may react to the pigmentation as a foreign substance, causing granulomas to form around particles of pigment. Keloids formation (scars that develop after a wound or trauma to the skin) is another possibility but is very unlikely.

By following Dr. Arun ’s post-operative instructions, the risks and complications can be minimized.

Mole Transfer

Mole transfer is another option for beauty spot creation. It can be done under local anesthesia as daycare surgery. In this procedure, a mole is removed from another body part and transplanted to the desired location on the face. The beauty spot is chosen and designed to fit into the face at a particular place usually around lips to create great and appealing looks.

Mole Removal

Mole removal is a simple surgical procedure that can be done under local anesthesia as daycare surgery. Various methods can be used for mole removal, including:

Who is an ideal candidate for Mole Removal procedures?

The ideal candidate for mole removal is someone who is unhappy with the appearance of their mole and is looking to improve their appearance. People with moles that are suspicious of skin cancer or that cause discomfort may also be candidates for mole removal.

What are the benefits of Mole Removal?

The main benefit of mole removal is improved appearance. In some cases, mole removal may also be done for medical reasons, such as to remove a cancerous mole or to relieve discomfort caused by an irritated mole.

Recovery after Mole Removal

The recovery time for mole removal treatments is different for each person. Some people heal faster than others. After the mole is removed, the scar may take two to three weeks to heal.

What are the risks and complications associated with Mole Removal procedures?

The risks and complications associated with mole removal are usually minimal. The surgical site might get inflamed, causing an infection that can usually be treated with antibiotics. One may develop a scar following the treatment. Keeping the wound clean, hydrated, and covered until it heals aids in reducing these risks.

What is the cost of Beauty Spot Creation Or Removal in Hubli?

Dr. Arun Jeedi will calculate the cost of beauty spot creation or mole removal procedures during the OPD consultation after considering the unique circumstances of the patient, understanding the patient’s goals and objectives, and discussing both advantages and disadvantages of various procedures.

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Create A Beauty Spot Or Remove A Mole For An Enhanced Look At Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, Hubli

If you have any queries about beauty spot creation or mole removal or any other procedure, we invite you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Arun Jeedi at Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, where he will thoroughly answer all of your questions.

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Dr. Arun Jeedi

MBBS, MS, DNB Board Certified

Dr. Arun Jeedi is a young and dynamic plastic surgeon with extensive practical experience and expertise in the ever-evolving field of plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery. Whether you are looking to improve your appearance for a special occasion or you need reconstructive surgery after an accident or illness, Dr. Jeedi can help you achieve your goals. He believes that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and he will work closely with you to create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.