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Get Rid Of Mandibular Defects With Mandible Reconstruction

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A mandibular defect can lead to problems with eating and speaking. Not being able to chew or speak properly can make daily activities very challenging. Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, Hubli offers mandible reconstruction surgery to help patients restore mandibular function and appearance. Book an appointment today!


What are mandibular defects?

The mandible is the lower jawbone that primarily aids in biting and holding food. Mandibular defects occur when the mandible is damaged due to trauma, inflammatory disease, or tumors. This can lead to problems with mastication (chewing), speech, and facial aesthetics.

What is Mandible Reconstruction?

Mandible (lower jawbone) reconstruction is a surgical procedure to correct mandibular defects like traumatic injury, tumors, osteomyelitis (inflammation in the bone), and osteoradionecrosis (bone death caused by radiation therapy). The goals of mandible reconstruction are to establish mandibular continuity, correct adjacent soft tissue defects, and provide sufficient strength for performing daily activities.

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Who is the right candidate for Mandible Reconstruction?

The ideal candidate for mandible reconstruction is someone who has sustained significant mandibular defects. This includes patients with trauma, tumors, osteomyelitis (inflammation in the bone), and osteoradionecrosis (bone death caused by radiation therapy).

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What to expect at the consultation for Mandible Reconstruction?

At the consultation, Dr. Arun Jeedi will perform a thorough physical evaluation and carefully examine your face.He will review your medical history and your current condition to determine if mandible reconstruction is a suitable option.

Dr. Arun will also discuss the different options for mandible reconstruction, the risks and benefits of each option, and ensure that you have realistic expectations for the results of the surgery.

Dr. Arun will also take pictures of your face to document your appearance before and after reconstructive surgery.

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How is Mandible Reconstruction performed?

Vascularized bone flaps offer the greatest functional and aesthetic results in mandible reconstruction. A vascularized bone flap is a section of bone with its attached blood vessels that is transplanted from one area of the body to another.

During a vascularized bone flap reconstruction, Dr. Arun will:

The types of vascularized bone flaps include:

Fibula Flap:

The fibula is the long, thin bone in the lower leg that runs parallel to the tibia (shinbone). The fibula flap is the ideal treatment choice for mandible restoration since it provides a long section of bone that can safely endure several surgical procedures and still function properly.

Iliac Crest Osteocutaneous Flap:

The iliac crest is the upper part of the hipbone. Since it is an osteocutaneous flap, a section of the iliac crest with attached soft tissue is cut away from the rest of the hipbone. The attached soft tissue will be sutured into place after the bone has been transplanted.

The iliac crest osteocutaneous flap is performed when the fibula flap is not possible, as it provides a large piece of bone with natural curvature.

Scapular Free Osteocutaneous Flap:

The scapula is the large, triangular bone in the upper back, and it is most commonly known as the shoulder blade. Once again, the required section of the scapula is harvested along with the attached soft tissue, which will be sutured into position.

The scapular osteocutaneous free flap offers an extremely large amount of good quality skin and soft tissue, allowing the flap to be harvested with simple skin paddles for the reconstruction of mandibular defects.

Radial Forearm Osteocutaneous Flap:

The radius is the large bone in the forearm and the radial forearm osteocutaneous flap is harvested with the soft tissue attached to the bone. After the bone has been transplanted to the mandible, the attached soft tissue will be sutured into position.

The radial forearm flap, in addition to providing a large quantity of soft, smooth tissue for head and neck reconstruction, aids in patients with limited bone stock. The donor bone should be harvested only up to a specific circumference to prevent radial fracture.


Recovery & post-operative care for Mandible Reconstruction

You may be unable to open your mouth immediately after the surgery. Dr. Arun Jeedi will recommend that you avoid putting pressure on your jaw for a few days. Until the swelling disappears, you will be fed through nasogastric tubing.

After that, you must make sure to consume only clear liquids and soft foods. It is also important to irrigate (rinse) your mouth using mouthwash to keep your mouth fresh and moist.

If a fibula flap was transplanted, you will be advised to keep your leg raised for 3 weeks to ensure healing.

Dr. Arun will prescribe painkillers if they are required.

What is the cost of Mandible Reconstruction in Hubli?

During the patient’s OPD consultation, the cost of mandible reconstruction surgery will be determined by Dr. Arun Jeedi after evaluating the patient’s specific circumstances, understanding the patient’s goals and ambitions, as well as discussing both advantages and possible risks of the surgery.

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What are the benefits of Mandible Reconstruction?

Mandible reconstruction can provide many benefits for patients with mandibular defects. This surgery can improve chewing function, speaking ability, and breathing. In addition, mandible reconstruction can also help to improve the quality of life for patients.


Restore Your Speaking And Eating Abilities With Mandible Reconstruction

If you have any queries about mandible reconstruction or any other procedure, we invite you for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Arun Jeedi at Recon Plastic Surgery Centre, where he will thoroughly answer all of your questions.

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With our diverse reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, we have transformed many lives. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how our patients were able to overcome their challenges after undergoing treatment from us!

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Dr. Arun Jeedi

MBBS, MS, DNB Board Certified

Dr. Arun Jeedi is a young and dynamic plastic surgeon with extensive practical experience and expertise in the ever-evolving field of plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery. Whether you are looking to improve your appearance for a special occasion or you need reconstructive surgery after an accident or illness, Dr. Jeedi can help you achieve your goals. He believes that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and he will work closely with you to create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.